haha. like yw mentioned, it'd been a really long time since i updated this blog.

school started just barely 2 months back, inclusive of float and all.
i must say it was quite enlightening.
from how i kept thinking it was impossible to build a float or to learn a dance at all to utter disbelief when the float was completed.
at least this experience allowed me to get to know the other 47 people i'll be spending the next 4 years with, for good or for bad.

schools hasn't been really a bed of roses.
lectures at 8am in the morning is just really draining.
luckily NUS is high tech enough to have things called webcasts.
haha. =)

friends are flying off here and there.
alan, leslie, timothy and waiyip have either already flown off or are going to fly off soon.
it's quite hard to fathom that we started JC life 5 yrs ago.
totally old already.

this recess week reminds me too much of "holidays" in JC.
where tests and exams were put just after them.
but i guess its inevitable in uni.

i think i just need sleep.
or at least another recess week?

if i was still a student, i'd be quite irritated by the fact that school's gonna start on schedule.
but since i am not a student (not yet at least), i don't really care. =P

being unemployed isn't as good as i thought it would be.
waking up late makes me damn happy though.
tuitioning also seems so much nicer when i'm more alert.

that Chris Brown is finally pleading guilty to his assualt case.
haha. the article is as attached.
its mentioned that he's gonna clear graffiti or thrash.
i'd so love to see him clear trash with tonnes of reporters surrounding him.


a few months ago i was at the bus stop when i noticed this notice someone pasted on one of the pillars.

it says....

"anyone who found this dog, please return to us. the dog has got a tumour and is scheduled for a surgery next week and need special medications daily."

den i realised someone wrote some stuff in pen...

"never mind. i can take him to see my doctor. thanks."

haha. it kinda shows how singaporeans are so kind, doesn't it?

haha. i didnt realise i have not blogged in such a long time.

went to Bangkok with some of my friends in mid May and had tonnes of fun and great food.
not to mention the stuff to buy there. altho i didnt buy a lot.

i'm finishing up my working stint with NUS Business School this coming friday.
quite happy. but at the same time am thinking of what to do during the free time.
they held a special farewell lunch for all of the temps.
the people here are genuinely nice people to work with,
and i must say i had a really good time here.
thanks BIZ Career Services!


MOM just announced the list of hols next year.
out of 10 scheduled holidays, 8 of them fall on a friday or a monday.
sounds totally perfect ah!
too bad i am not in the army already.

u can read the full story here! and be as excited as me. haha.


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